Who I Am

I don’t enjoy arguing solely for the sake of arguing.

I realize that might sound hypocritical coming from an attorney. The general conception of attorneys is that they are blood-thirsty, money-stealing mongrels. Fast talking, soulless, cowardly, are the words typically associated with this profession. The image that tends to be glamorized by various media depictions is that of a bigger-than-life corporate attorney. I like to think I run perpendicular to the stereotype.

I think of myself as more of a mediator, striving to solve the issues at hand, not perpetuate them.
Fighting with no clear goal and without trying to solve the issue is a big waste of emotions, energy and money. It is a taxing feat that wields no true accomplishment. As a mediator for my clients, I will set my sights on the forest for the trees, meaning I will focus on the objective and not waste my time on nuances. Opposing parties may say things that scare you, they may make statements and demands that don’t seem fair. They may bend the truth to improve their positions. All of these fighting tactics just derail focus and expend unnecessary resources. The facts are what matters and eventually everyone comes to this realization. Wasting time focusing on this “parade of animals” costs my clients valuable resources. Nobody wants to spend their life in a courtroom which is why I try to get my clients out as fast as possible. I will not participate in the shenanigans that has come to define the judicial process. All this immaturity does is rake up my clients’ bills. I will focus on what matters. I will concentrate on the facts and I will counsel my clients through the process to get to a desirable outcome. Instead of fighting for no reason, I go to battle with a passion rarely found among attorneys. I go to battle looking to both end the war fast and ultimately gain the most desirable results.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you get you what you want, then you’ve come to the right place. Please contact me to discuss your case and the possible next steps. I will gladly be of service.



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